Check out Roger Brooking's blog with the inside story (literally) about many well known violent offenders in New Zealand prisons - most of whom have committed their crimes under the influence of alcohol and drugs: 


Roger Brooking's critically acclaimed expose of the New Zealand Justice system is now available. Flying Blind - How the justice system perpetuates crime and the Corrections Department fails to correct.

Read the reviews by Sir Geoffrey Palmer, Prof Doug Sellman, Peter Williams QC, Dr Ganesh Nana and others...  



This site describes:

1) Some of the factors which predispose people to develop alcohol or drug problems.

2) It provides a model of change which describes various stages that people go through which affect their motivation to deal with alcohol and drug problems.

3) It provides drug screening questionnaires and diagnostic tools used by alcohol & drug counsellors which you can use to assess the severity of the problem.

The questionnaires are available in the section on Self-Assessment.


Self-assessment is not a substitute for engaging with an alcohol & drug counsellor who can provide both professional assessment and assist with motivation and support. If you have a substance use problem, assessment by a professional counsellor is highly recommended.